pic: Dean's List Button Wall

The new (and improved) Dean’s List Button Wall, which honors each Dean’s List Finalist with their team button. This was a project brainstormed by some Dean’s List Finalist about a month before championship and created by myself just in time for CMP. But in FIRST, arts and crafts is an iterative process, so here is version 2.2. Later this weekend this will be shipped to FIRST HQ and it will be displayed at upcoming CMPs. The wall leaves room for the buttons of 2014 and 2015 finalists. Currently, we only have about 33% of our finalists represented. But since I do have the listing of all Finalists (mostly), here are some fun facts:

Team(s) with 3 Finalists: 116, 228, 433, 503, 548, 585, 694, 862, 1304, 1334 1541, 1718, 1732, 1902, 2437, 2834, 2846.

Team(s) with 4 Finalists: 704, 1114, 1511, 1519, 1718, 1986.

Team(s) with 5 Finalists: 1912.

(Mosting interesting (from a database standpoint) goes to 704. Matthew Ricks was a finalist in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and then was made a Dean’s List Winner in 2012, presumably so other people in Texas could have a chance. In 2013, one of his team mates was finalist and became a 2013 Winner, making 704 the only team (so far) to have two Dean’s List Winners. )

For any question or suggestions about the Dean’s List Button Wall, please PM myself or comment below.

I love this idea! I am a 2012 dean’s list finalist from FIRST 3574 High Tekerz and looking at this brings back some amazing memories. I hope to see this roaming from regional to regional this next season!

You missed 1334 with finalists in 2010, 2011 and 2013. Our 2011 finalist was also a winner. We don’t do buttons, but PM a mailing address and I’ll send you 3 of our furkins.


The Dean’s List Button Wall has reached FIRST HQ, its proper home. It will primarily be display each year at CMP. Unfortunately at this time, jacob9706, I do not think it will be a ‘traveling wall’ from event to event due to the impracticality.

We are still missing plenty of buttons! If you have a finalist there are two ways to add a button:

  1. Pin it on during CMP
  2. Mail it in the FIRST HQ and it will be pinned on for you. The address is:
    Attn Carla Proulx, DL Button Wall
    200 Bedford St.
    Manchester, NH 03101

No matter how you add it I would ask that, on the back of the button, please write the Finalist’s name and year. If you are mailing it in I would suggest adding a note with this information so it is easier to process.

Thank you FIRST (and especially Ms Carla Proulx) for allowing me to do this and for adopting the wall!