pic: Death to a Fried IR Board

A Fried IR Board + Angry Programmer + Fire + A Camera


Not bad for a programmer. Ours usually vent by intentionally sending bad code to things. I’m sure he had to have a mechy give him a spark though.

Now I’m no electronics or programming person, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how that’s supposed to be used. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would guess all that was required to fix that board was a 5v regulator replacement, because whoever designed this board neglected a simple diode to protect against reverse polarity.

They also neglected to make it fireproof, apparently.

Uhm… I do software, occasionally drive, and machine/manufacture parts for the robot…

If you want sparks… triggers plasma torch :yikes:


I’m noticing a pattern with the use of these IR boards:p

***very nice! i think thats a great way to show the IR board whos boss! :smiley: ***

Lets just hope you didn’t want to use that :wink: ha

I guess that goes down to a use to the book “101 ways to use a IR Board”

Well theres your problem