pic: Decolar Project

I’m interested in learning more about the Decolar Project. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Sure Jane, we’re proud to explain better!

We created this project two years ago, and your main purpose was presents/introduce poor childrens of our city at the technology.
Our school is a technical college for young people who cannot pay monthly to have a good technical knowledgement, so we decided start a project to help some childrens to know a little bit about science, robots and group experience.

We teach a little about Lego Robotics (with Mindstorms Kit), and we promote small competitions between childrens as the FLL does.
We also organize some excursions related to the environment (showing for the childrens the importance about of preserve the enviroment as trees planting, batteries gathering and waste recycling).

The robots are like a “bait” to attract them, because here on Brazil the building robots sounds like a myth yet to the most people, is something fascinate!
We have some dificulties to management the project because during off-season we just have the Saturdays available, but anyway, one day per week is enough to teach and learn with these childrens.

It’s important to say that “Decolar” in English Language means “start to fly”, as a airplane. We wish that they fly much more in the future.

PS: I hope that you have understood me. Here in Brazil is 2:00 a.m and my English Language doesn’t help so much :smiley:

And, thank you by the interest Jane, if you wish know anything more, you can contact me anytime!

Wow that is a really cool project! Good luck! :]

I understand. Beautifully.
Decolar - “start to fly”. I wish that they fly much more in the future, too.

Building robots still sounds like a myth to many people here, too, Rafael - you are not alone in that.

Thank you! If you think of anything else to add, please do. The students look very focused and interested in what they are doing. That’s awesome.