pic: Delayed Kit Arrives!!! #1382 BraZiL

Finally, our kit has arrived at São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil!
We want to thank all of those who posted videos about the shooting, that helped a lot all of us who dont have idea about the ball’s behavior and characteristics. Hands On!
Thank YOU!

Congrats guys! I always look forward to some of the great designs and robots that come from the teams outside the US and I have always been impressed with the teams from Brazil! Good luck with your kit!

Thank you Josh!
But is because of YOU that we can make our best! You really dont know how important your available material is! I’m really thankful today!
Bye! We’ll see you later!

Thanks for all your support…
Each and every single year the whole kit-arrival process has become a major concern for our team. We end up losing days or even weeks of build season because unfortunately they don’t seem to come on time. It’s disappointing, nonetheless, there’s not much that can be done (within our own willpower) to make matters better.
Oh, well…:frowning:

It is great to see that you guys can overcome the delay and produce quality robots year after year. I think that the delay isn’t a horrible thing though, because you need to think every aspect of the game through to come up with an efficient robot that does everything well.

Well tkwetzel,
I think that is these challenges that make our job more rewarding! Every year (this is my 2nd!) we try everymore to surpass these obstacles, and i think we’re obtaining!
:smiley: :yikes: :wink: :smiley: :yikes: