pic: Delicate Balance

This two-robot mass rocked back and forth for a few seconds before finally coming to rest. 102’s wheels on the near side are off the ground by about two inches. 1649 is tilted down fairly steeply, and is only held in place by their mecanum rollers being caught on the mesh of the ramp. If they had slid back any farther, both bots would have tipped. Instead, this was good enough for a 15 point bonus and the win.

It never tips!!!


Wow closeness :smiley:

that was way toooo close for comfort!!!

Never fear teams!!! We are 102% certain that our robot will support your robot… no matter it’s weight :cool: I’m careful on the lifting so if one robot gets up, it will STAY up =]

what field was this on?

for most of the competition, i was on DaVinci taking pictures and cheering for my VEX team

This was on the Newton field… pretty sure this lift was a Friday one

Yup I saw alot of those on Archimedes. I was a field reset all of friday. Most of the ones that looked like that ended up falling over. It was horrible to watch.



Well I’m glad you can see that not ALL of em tip over =] Hoepfully it never does haha.

wow its amazing that with that mich flex it didnt bend or snap the metal.

what are you using for those ramps?

wow that was a close one!!

That’s nutty. And sweet. Talk about extreme engineering!

Even 2 of your wheels are off the ground. Love the bumpers!


I’ve never SEEN a kitbot frame torqued so much… amazing.

Is there some kind of locking mechanesm keeping that mechanum-wheeled robot on? airbrakes? :confused:


It looks like the video shows a little bit of the lifting but not very much of the balancing act.

Newton Match 55: http://www.thebluealliance.net/tbatv/match.php?matchid=4036

I shall answer all of your questions:

Yes, the metal does bend when the robot goes on. A simple fix? Most deffinately… Just push it back into place and we are ready for the next match :cool:

Aluminum is used for the ramps… kinda like gate aluminum as well as lexan. There are clips at the top of the red [where the 102 is located] that will support the ramps when they come back down… yes high in the air… 18 inches to be exact.

The only thing keeping the mecanum wheels of 1649 from coming off are the aluminum gating we put on. The gating keeps all robots from slipping off. The lexan is ther for the tracktion in case it is needed.

Our engineers are AMAZING when it comes to knowing what we can lift and what we can balance. We have lifted a 120lb robot before just on that one side… including bumpers and battery it was about 135lb and no, it did NOT tip over… we have yet to tip ours =] We can lift 300 pounds with the torque and the cable.

And thanks for posting that video =] We also double liftedin our first match on Saturday =]

If yall have any further questions about the ramps, please ask :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s balanced really well… I never saw a match end like that at any of the regionals I went to. Great job, guys.

Holy Crap! seriously if that was my team on the ramp i think i would be hiding behind one of the seats. I cant believe that it held up!

Now thats what I call pushing the limits of engineering!
And LUCK! :smiley:

Everyone who got on our ramps thought the exact same thing lol. But do not fear… If a robot fell off it, I would be hiding myself haha… but I don’t have to worry about that =] That’s my baby right there… and I wouldn’t let my baby hurt anyone else’s =]

Maybe you guys will get to test it in an offseason =)

Team 102 ALWAYS pushes any limits we can :wink: We work on little luck… all experience haha.

Btw… in case anyone is wondering how we lift the ramps…

  1. We come back to the home zone
  2. We shift into neutral off the black box on the control board
  3. Robot[s] get onto the ‘ramps’
  4. Yes, we *do *lift off the drive train

Many people find that amazing… I think it’s something pretty awesome as well :slight_smile: