pic: Delta field at River Rage - Load In/Out Gate ramp up

The ramps are 0.5" plywood skinned with the 0.060" aluminum diamond plate. From the stands it looks like a standard FRC field. Even students and mentors that were standing close to the field didn’t realize that this was the prototype Delta field.

I like the new field but one of the biggest things I would keep from the official field is the “step” that is used to close the ramp. It is a good piece that saves your back on these work hard weekends. I think the block of would could be cut diagonally and used as a step while still serving to keep the ramp up.

The wood block you see is only a stop block to prevent the ramp from folding up too far. It is mounted to the fixed side of the ramp.

I agree, and I think the rope being used now might pose a tripping hazard.

At least we’re getting a chance to see the field and comment on what we see.

Although the rope could be a tripping hazard, it was easier to use your foot on it at odd angles over the traditional wedge.