pic: Dem Taters be tall.

In all reality, 2122 has the tallest people I’ve ever seen on an FRC team. Maybe the reason they’re so good is because their driveteam can see more of the field.

I was one of the FTAAs at an offseason event they went to. Their drive team thoroughly intimidated me as a person who’s 5’ 10".

Been to 3 comps with 2122 and all 3 times I’ve been intimidated and I’m 6 foot. Congrats on SF at iri tators!

As a taller than average (former) driver, I’ll make a counter-point to that by saying that tall drivers have more obstructions in view! (You know those official team number signs, the ones “above the driver station”? Yeah, I made a joke on practice day at pretty much every event saying they blocked my vision!) (And they did when I stood straight behind them. Never actually affected me in a match as there are enough ways to avoid them if you try.)

Also, congrats to Tators on another impressive performance at IRI!

Obviously the solution is to be taller than the alliance wall.

Fuel to the face sounds like a lot of fun.

Better than fuel to the e-stop which happened to a few teams this year. In all seriousness though standing tall at 5’5" the tators drive team looks giant. I met Mark and his crew at champs in 2015, and I was probably about 5’2" then. Even their robot was taller than I was…

From my experiences, The Tators are among the tallest and nicest people in FRC. I’m unsure if there’s any correlation between that, though, because even their shortest team members are kinder than most. You always know you’re in for a treat when you look up and see their faces at an event.

+1. We’ve gone to Utah, Arizona North, and a championship division with 2122 over the last four years and they are some of the most gracious professionals in the FRC.

They have cool swag.

Neat! I have one of their tiedye shirts that I particularly treasure.

Being well shorter than the alliance wall did not save me from this.

Better than the potato to the face one of my scouts took at the Idaho regional…

One of the drive teams threw them into the stands when their number was ed from behind the glass

Sounds like Livewire. If they were in Red 3 at 2015 IE, I ducked or dodged during team announcements.

Stress potatoes are awesome. I’m glad I have one.

Now I’m just stressed that youre gonna peg me with one next time we see eachother