pic: Design teaser...

So can I ask, how do those intake wheels bring the boulder over the lip of your (I presume shooter - flywheel/catapult) ? It seems to me that, since they’re in the same plane as the lip, they wouldn’t be able to push the ball over.

Is that a lazy susan??? Looks awesome!

There’s not actually a lip that high for the ball. That was simply a work plane put through the middle of the ball to help make placing it in the bot easier. There are a couple of 1/8 inch angle underneath the ball to hold it in.

It is a lazy susan! We got all of the parts for the Andymark Turret, and only had to source the correct size bearing for it. So far, it seems to work great!

Oh, okay, that makes sense. Is it a catapult then or an angle-adjustable flywheel?

It is an angle adjustable flywheel. The two shooter motors also double as the intake. The turret can then lift the ball up and turn to whatever direction we need.

How is the boulder held into the flywheel while you aim?
BTW, awesome design!

That’s something we didn’t quite design, there will be a lexan that we’ll shape so the ball fits inside it that will hold it in place.

dat turret doe