pic: Despite rumor, 1902 does sleep and here is the proof!

1902 sleeps during competiton…Vegas, Atlanta

haha - do my eyes deceive me?

Don’t worry. You don’t need an eye exam. They have a photoshop master over there on 1902 from what I hear…


Those are faked, besides no pic of Wendy sleeping (never been seen).

Haha our guys did that too! 1902 oinked so much that they all went boom!


More proof from after the Florida Regional…


AHHH none of them are really sleeping they are fiendishly planning next years robot and a killer automous mode.

hahha now thats priceless.

you’d have to gas wendy to get her to sleep she’s always busy lol


Yup, and her dog, MacIntosh, doesn’t sleep either.
But, the whole living room area will be totally filled up with students and mentors and parents having a team meeting during competition, with people strewn everywhere, and MacIntosh will get his big round doggie bed and pull it over people until he has it where he wants it. Everyone just carries on with the meeting. This is a big bed, like a giant cookie.

Next Mission: Get a picture of Wendy sleeping. =)