pic: Devils' Tower - 1018

1:00 AM… Ship day…

Pike RoboDevils' Tower
Team 1018 - Indianapolis

That is an awesome robot. That is probably the best, cleanest telescoping system that I’ve seen. How close are you to the 120 lb. limit? :smiley:

now that looks very strong–what kind of material are you using for the arm?? it does look way heavy though?

great job though!!

In the picture it weights 118.6. We will be right at the 120 mark, when we are done adding some protective covers with team number and sponsor info.

Material used for the arm is 1/16th aluminum box with I believe .060 aluminum sheet to cover the out side.

The tower is .100 aluminum.

It’s breath-taking! Nice job!

Wow!, that looks great. Very clean and professional looking. Nice job, cant wait to see it.

Make sure to check out the second picture (Rachael Climbs a Tree - “Tree” is one of our taller associate mentors) which shows our tower and arm fully extended. The capping height of the Devils’ Tower is over 11 feet (total height to top of arm is around 13).

Also notice the carbon fiber tray to stack tetras on the front of the bot.

See you in W. Lafayette!!

OMG, stuwie, bob, chris and all, it is beautiful…can’t was to be the real time scorer for the bots matches.
What did you name it this year?

FYI: As of shipping, the robot weighed 118.6 pounds, hopefully a little less once the claw is changed.

WOWO. that looks nice. if you have time you should really decorate it. after all, look at all those empty (literally) walls of the tower. i guess you gotta make sure it doesnt catch on anything but if its pretty who cares right? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

This morning before we packed it up, we put our sponsors’s decals on the tower. I would also like to take this opportuinity to thank Bob, Tom, Woody, Stu, Chris*, Mike, all the team members(especially Rachel, for keeping our electronics neat and keeping me sane), FIRST, this website for all the help this year, and anyone else who helped make this robot work!

i like that arm system, is that a spring inside it or coiled pneumatics? Looks grrreat.

Actually that coil holds the wire for the globe motor and it also has wire in it for 2 limit switches if we ever get around to putting those on.

That robot is so awesome. I can’t wait to see it perform at the BMR. I like the second picture better…It looks like the thing that goes over the highway to show the signs.

That’s a nice looking robot. I’m glad to see you can accomplish something without me around. Just joking. I’ll probably be around at the Boilermaker Regional, so I’ll see you then.