pic: Dez Reads HIGHLIGHTS!

Can you find the flag? Conor is in the CD search in the back of the picture.

I think I may have that issue. :rolleyes:

Dez, did Goofus and Gallant teach you some morals?

Did you find the hidden pictures. The ball, bike, cat, horn, and others?

LOL I’m just kidding, but I did get that magazine for quite a while gowing up. The thing I loved about it most was that it had absolutely no advertisments in it, unlike other kids magazines of my generation.

I can’t belive they still make Highlights For Children. I’m happy they do, but… wow… Awesome stuff right there.

Aww I remember having highlights… that was seriously the highlight of the month. I would usually end up reading the issue backwards because I loved the back page the most.

I still read them in the dentist’s office. :wink:

and in the doctors office!

have you seen that they now have calendars?

I read them in the doctor’s office, too! Gosh they have been around for a long time!

Hey Dez, good news! They have a websitehttp://www.highlightskids.com/Creature/h10creature.asp

Now you can finish the creature!

ELGIN! i was gunna bring that up, but you beat me to the punch. Goofus and Gallant 4 life!

Goofus and Gallant were/are my FAVORITE!! yayyy.