pic: Dez + Water cooler = Chilled Dez

this was at shelby’s graduation party after Battlecry was over…

it was planned out by a few of us CD’ers who were already at the party :D…

*yes dry clothes were provided afterwards…

And in true (post) Battlecry fashion, it was the most covert operation I have ever seen.
Multiple people knew, and talked other people from moving away from Dez at the same exact time.

It was so collaborated, and organized, I was truely amazed.

all i have to say about this… is it was planned for about 3 hrs before they even got to shelby’s… we were calling kevin every like 10 min to see how close they were which is why if no one noticed that we were all waiting in front of the house by the roadside waiting for kev’s car :smiley:

Very cool picture. Dez, ya gotta know you’re loved when you get hit. What a conspiracy, three hours?!?

I always said that Dez is a COOL dude!

Hey, when you are a guest in a town called Watertown, you know you’re gonna experience all the town has to offer, including the water.

Who’s next?