pic: Dez's prom

Yes, to confirm the rumors… I did attend Dez’s prom last weekend.
(It was an excuse to wear the famous Red Dress again :slight_smile:

It was a grand ol’ time!

Congrats to a MOST Excellent FIRST’er!

You’ve contributed more to the growth of FIRST on the North-East
than any High School FIRST’er Aficionado that I know of.

Now that you have graduated what are you doing next?
(don’t say Disney)

I don’t think I’ll ever want curly hair again…

You dont look bad though. its just curly

Little Orphan Erin. How cute!

Poor Dez, did he know what he was in for? :ahh:

If your hair was any longer I could’ve mistaken you for Jessica Boucher! :stuck_out_tongue:

aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww they are so cute!!! haha…

Actually I kinda like the curly hair…

i’d have to agree the curly hair isn’t that bad

oooo, idea… if I ever do have the chance to MC a regional, perhaps I’ll take take bids and let the highest bidder do my hair? However crazy & colorful is fair game. :smiley:

you should do that even if you aren’t an mc. I do my hair and face all the time so being an mc shouldn’t be a requirement.

I hope that you are not trying to out style me. It takes color co-ordination and good looks of which you have only one. :smiley:

Steve, I wouldn’t be able to out-style you… but we could at least match! :cool: