pic: Diablo 2003

Team 87’s bot

Hello Teams!!

It took us a while but better late than never. Check us out at the following competitions:

  1. Chesapeake Regional, Annapolis, MD 3/13/03-3/15/03
  2. Philadelphia Regional, Philadelphia, PA 3/27/03-3/29/03
  3. J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional, Piscataway, NJ 4/3/03-4/5/03
  4. Nationals

Feel free to ask any quesitons you want.

Visit www.rvr87.com for Diablo updates.

Good luck teams!!

Is that arm thing really tied on there with the surgical tubing?

(during the match, I mean)

It is a bad angle to view that part of the picture at. The tubing provides tension so the grabber can open up a lot quicker.