pic: Dice-K = Wayne Penn

This is more proof that Wayne Penn = Dice-K (a Red Sox’s starting pitcher)

Can we stop making fun of Wayne and directing all our attention at someone more fun to humiliate?

Hahaha Yah I definitely agree with that… I like bananas!!!

:smiley: hahaha! sorry wayne but it is funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

Plane ticket to Florida: $350

Hotel room in Disney: $12,000

Knowing that the second you fall asleep, your team will take pics of you and post them on CD: Priceless!

During the Waterloo webcast I offered the following words to Paul for the announcer game:

“words: Dice-K, Wayne Penn”

It looks like your former coach had your back Wayne, because he didn’t further the running gag while you were MCing in OK.