pic: DicoBots 2587 - Disco Screen (2010)

This is the DiscoBots 2010 entry to Breakaway called “Disco Screen”

6 omni wheels, 1 kicker, 2 spinning wheels and a window powered ball block

VIDEO : http://2010.discobots.org/node/16

Photos : http://2010.discobots.org/node/15

Videos : http://2010.discobots.org/node/16

Very nice.

Your “ball magnet” looks like it works well - how does it work?

The ball spinners work decently but have trouble moving the ball backwards at high speeds.

Two wheels mounted at 45 degrees from the frame. We are using 20:1 555 motors with Blue BaneBots wheels. The BaneBots wheels are slightly beveled to increase rubber contact with the balls.

The drivers had trouble controlling balls with our back turned. I’m curious to see how other teams handle this problem. We currently only have the camera for ball detection but we are considering adding a sonar. Any other ideas ?

It looks like a Great robot!!! I am looking forward to seeing y’all at the Lone Star Regional.:slight_smile:

Very nice! Can’t wait to get an up close look in Houston. I love the precision of that kicker mechanism. Reminds me of a golfer effortlessly chipping onto the green.

I think Texas seems to be representing itself pretty well so far this year… Should make for some great texas shoot out matches!


How fast is your ball spinner moving? How much pressure is on the ball once the roller locks onto the ball?
With a good grip on the ball and fast enough speed, you should be able to go full reverse and hold onto the ball.

We are running two 555 motors with a 20:1 so that’s about 900 rpm.

We have beveled the surface of the wheel to get more contact.
We are going to put the fisher price motors on if speed turns out to be the solution.

For our kicker, we have 5 different power shots that work decently from most places on the field. The DiscoBots would love to challenge the Robowranglers to a game of robot golf !

We didn’t design for golf… wanna play a game of Breakaway? :wink:


According to 2010 Motor Specs from Mark Kramarczyk’s Whitepaper, the RS-555 motors in the kit of parts are only 4100 and 4500 rpm. With 20:1, that would put your speed at somewhere about 225 rpm?:confused:

My fault, I used the wrong free speed motor value. Thanks for the correction