pic: Did I missed my exit?

Did I missed my exit for Canada's Wonderland off-season event?
Let me stop and check this map.

Dude… you are totally at the wrong place… Algonquin is NOWHERE near Canada, it’s in Florida… one of the places I walk by everyday…

p.s. - One of the dorm name at FAU (Florida Atlantic University) is “Algonquin”

Hehe… this is Canada! (well, that’s what my GPS said.)

It is about 100 miles North of Toronto, CA. or about 75 miles north of Canada’s Wonderland Park.

maybe you should have made the left turn in Albuquerque

sorry if that goes over you youngins’ head… and actually some of you old timers may not get it either

I might be canoeing up there next summer :slight_smile:

Thanks Bugs Bunny… oh wait… are you dressed as Pooh in that WAI picture? I’ve seen Space Jam enough times. LOL. Am I showing my age? (19)

I envy you!
It looks like a great park to canoe.
I only had time to see the visitor’s center and go on one trail.

This is nature park is one of the cleanest and least crowd park I being in (comparing to US parks).

Algonquin Park is HUGE. Unfortunately I’m not a very outdoors type of person so I have some bad memories from there. (Camping for 4 days and not being able to swim or shower because it was WAY too cold). It’s really pretty in the fall though with all the leaves changing colour and such.