pic: Did somebody say 'two cameras'?

Our vision programming team said they wanted more cameras this year…

My, what big eyes it has…

I get so pumped every year to see what craziness 900 has come up with. Good luck, Zebracorns!

What’s the benefit of having two mounted in the same orientation like that? Some sort of 3D tracking? :confused:

Each individual ZED gives depth data. We needed / wanted one camera with LEDs and one without for tracking multiple types of stuff.

All the better for seeing literally anything that can possibly be seen (and some things that can’t), dear Marshall.

I remember when 900 had two cameras on the robot for Rebound Rumble (2012). Now they’re up to four cameras this year. Will it be six next year? Eight the year after?

Hey, that’s not a wooden box!

Obligatory: https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/extrapolating.png

Clearly it should be a geometric progression. 8 next year, 16 the year after…

We did something similar last year with two shooter-side cameras. In our case, one was high-res, low frame rate, short exposure for our goal finder software, and the other camera was lower resolution, high frame rate for feed to the driver station. Edit: The high-res image was processed on a raspberry pi, only the target size/location sent to the RIO and driver station.

They weren’t mounted to **look **like a stereovision setup, though.

are you sending both feeds back to the drivers station?

One team has 6 cameras