pic: Did you guys find the awesome KOP robot cart kit?

We found all this awesome metal in the KOP. At first, we weren’t sure what to make of it, then we realized; it’s metal for making your very own robot cart! Awesome!

You would be surprised how many teams make complicated, expensive, and/or non working *custom chassis *when they get one that works in the KOP. A little effort can turn the KOP chassis into viable robot platform. 121 has used it since 2005 with great success. The amount of time and money the KOP chassis saves is amazing.

If we always used the kit-chassis, our machinists would be very displeased. We make a point to do off season drivetrains, then tour them up and down the sidewalks of confused neighbors.

This is an engineering decision. Is it worth it to make a custom chassis? Can we modify the KOP Chassis to fit our needs? What resources are available? If a team decides to make a custom chassis because the KOP one isn’t going to work for them, that’s a good decision. If a team uses the KOP because it works for them, that’s a good decision.

And then there are the teams who turn the KOP chassis into a cart.

Having locking casters is an excellent decision.


I used to go to Chantilly, I had Mr. Rothwell for, oh what was it? Physics of technology or physics of engineering or something like that. I remember seeing you guys practicing out in the halls a few times with the 06 bot.

Engineering Physics. It goes hand in hand with Engineering Systems, which you may or may not also have taken.

294 made a nice 6 wheel drive in 2005 out of the KOP chassis… they just love their CNCs too much now for that though…

We’ve used the KOP chassis for the past four years… but never in it’s “stock” state. Usually we flip it upside down, chop parts up, and weld them back together. Since we’ve got a TIG welder and students who can use it – the past two years – our design options have become much wider.

But the KOP isn’t great just for chassis and carts… it is essentially just big Meccano. This year we used some bits and pieces left over from previous years to prototype our pneumatic shooter.


I didn’t think ANYONE still had a 2k3 rotating light cover that was still intact. I saw more of those get busted up than boxes.:ahh:

330 has one or two…non-rigid mounting worked.

Sure… ok Adam… You are a huge part of why 294 uses this base anyways!!

(and yes, we do love our cnc’s…)

Still using this one? Or does the team have one of their own now?

We wish we had our own CNCs. We do finally have an in-shop vertical mill though. It has auto-feed but the DRO is broken. I’m thinking it’ll make a nice off season fixing project for the electrical team.