pic: Digital Scouting Data review

why on earth do you have the PICKIT2 window on it?

… in second thought… data taken from PIC in scouting sys. and automatically displayed on right side. either way, why do you need the whole PICKIT2 thingey?

I will let the developer answer this one.
I am sure she will get back to you.


how did it work for you? =]

It was fantastic, We had rankings of the best offensive robots and what type, best defense robots, best autonomous etc…
It could even compare hypothetical alliances using their average scores and predict the winner pretty accurately, remember it used average scores so…

Hi, 3dude.

Microchip’s PicKit2 USB programmer is used to upload the data from the handheld Scouts to the PC. Since Microchip generously provides the PicKit2 source code, we returned the favor by including their original functionality in the application. The left side of the screen can be used to edit raw Scout data (mainly team numbers) and update the Scout firmware for each year’s game.

I also hope that the PicKit2 part serves as a reminder that the “black box” can be used for more than just scouting.

i want it! where can i get it?


One of our mentors, Karen Suhm has her own one “man” company and is always thinking of things to bring to market.

Nice! :slight_smile: