pic: digital temperature sensor


do you know how it works???
Is it a infrared sensor or what allows it to sense the heat??

thus allowing us to integrate it into out OI and finally control the robot with a blow dryer and cold drink

I’ll be completely honest with you, the upload was actually a complete mistake. I was trying to figure out how to put a pic in a post in a pre-existing thread, so I tried this, and it obviously didn’t work. But, if you’re interested, here’s the info I got from where I found the pic: “Digital two color infrared non-contact pyrometer for temperature measurement between 1112°F and 5432°F” (http://www.mikroninfrared.com/products/process/MI-SQ5_TV.htm ). It says its applications are “temperature measurement of metals and non-ferrous metals suitable for heat treatment processes as casting, rotary kilns, sintering, welding, melting, forging, rolling, etc.”

It reads 600C - 3000C I doubt we use anything that goes up to these temperatures on our robots?. Its still a cool gadget though, FLL have temperature sensors dont they? with the LEGO kits?

There is a temperature sensor for Mindstorms, although I recall it being hard to find, expensive, and not particularly accurate (enough so to make some folks want to build their own, at least).

Billfred I think that people would want to build their own even if the LEGO sensor was nicely priced and worked well :slight_smile: