pic: Dimensions of the Trackball on the Overpass

I did this on Inventor, to find how low the ball would lay under the Overpass. I used the bottum of the bar and the end point of the ball for the Dimension.

did you make the 32" wide overpass on center of the pipes or on the edges?

cause my number don’t line up exactly with yours.

here are mine:

I used
32" from center of the pipe to center of the pipe all the way around to form a square.
.75in radius for the pipe from the 1-1/2 steel pipe.
the 40" Trackball.
I made half of the ball in the center of the square and made the arc tagent to the pipe and vertical with the center of the mid point and revolved the ball, then I created a sketch through the center, and projected the geometries of the ball and the bottum of the pipe, returned, and there you go.