pic: Direct Digital Manufacturing! (DDM)

A bunch of 3d printed metric adjustable wrenches. These were made on the Dimension SST 1200es.

Each one is just shy of 10 inches in length and takes about 9 hours to print.

BTW These really are metric wrenches, well in the 3d world that is!

Looks like they’re left-handed, too.

All I have to say is “NICE”

How much money are we looking at right there? Just material costs?

:ahh: About $35 a wrench in ABS Plus material and support material.:ahh: About $14 worth was dissolved away.

Stratasys sure knows how to make money!:D, but so doesn’t HP, Xerox, etc…


10 inch metric wrenches…:smiley:


Good ONE Wetzel!:smiley:

For those of you who don’t know .stl(industry standard 3d print file format) do not carry units.

For example if I designed a 1 inch cube in solidworks, saved it as .stl, imported it into my software, my software doesn’t know if it was drawn in mm or inches. If I selected inches in my software it would be 1 inch, but if I selected mm it would be much much smaller than 1 inch!:ahh:

BTW the #'s 768 and 1200 in the Dimension 3d printer lineup stand for the build volume it has. 8x8x12 inches = 768 cubic inches

Ok time for a crazy question:
how much would it cost to fill the entire volume of the machine with plastic, and how much time would it take to print? :ahh: :ahh:

wow I really would like to hold in my hand a 768ci block knowing that it was made it possibly the most inefficient way possible!


I’m building a RepRap :slight_smile:
(I’ve seen you there a couple of times brad)

The cost to fill the entire machine(1200es) with ABS is right around $6,000 or more than the entire Desktop Factory. www.desktopfactory.com

If I were to print an entire block the machine would eat through 21.5 cartridges of material. See here: http://photos.printo3d.com/GalleryFilmstrip.aspx?gallery=27340&photo=970627

If anyone wants to calculate how many miles long the wire must be?:smiley: The ABS filament is about .070" in diameter and the block would be 1200 cubic inches.

I would have to draw up a block to see how long it would take, but probably 1.5 WEEKS!:ahh: