pic: DiscoBots 2015 Robot

We present our 2015 FRC Robot “Sullee”.
We will be competing this weekend at the Week 4 Bayou Regional !

Check out the media
website http://2015.discobots.org/node/54

video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsat66mjdIY

Here is a video of our wings in a match.

We are in the TESLA division.
Our team has not been to FRC Champs since 2009 so stop by and get a disco ball necklace

Grabs two cans from the step in autonomous
two 5-stacks with noodles.
Turns over RCs to upright position
Can place stacks with RC to make 6-stacks with RC
Our highest qualification match was 182 points(with Jersey Voltage 4587)

One of my favorite robots. Good luck in Tesla. we’ll be cheering you guys on from back here in BR.