pic: Discovery welcome home

Barry and I were given the good fortune and opportunity to watch STS 124 come home at the Shuttle Landing Facility on Saturday. We stuck around for 5 hours to watch Discovery be towed back to the Obiter Processing Facility. It was an amazing experience to have the wing of the orbiter almost over our heads.

that ship went up on April 24 1990 aka the day i was born. bringing along the Hubble telescope. the cool part about it was my mom watched its from room in the hospital. i love Nasa…

The sonic booms were pretty loud. I was talking to my mom on the phone…she lives about 10 miles from the runway…I heard it through the phone and about 20 seconds later it made my windows rattle in Orlando.

I live like 5-10 miles away. I had forgotten that it was comming back then and I was in line at Mcdonalds and I thought the guy behind me had run into the back of me twice when the sonic booms hit. Then i remembered that it was the shuttle…

Does anyone know exactly how/where the Orion or whatever its called will return to Earth? I believe that I saw that I would return similar to the Mercury/Gemini/Apollo missions with a capsule dropping into the Ocean, but I could be wrong.

I will really miss that Boom.

Most likely it will hit the water like Mercury/Gemini/Apollo. Originally it was supposed to land on land, but that system weighed too much, so they scrapped it. But they say if they find the weight, they’ll put it back in.

I am very jealous. A shuttle launch is on my list to someday watch. A landing sounds pretty cool too.

The shuttle’s return is signaled by a very distinctive “Boom Boom” sound, but I’m wondering, Wendy, if when it flies over Winter Park its sound changes to “Oink, Oink, Boom, Boom?” :slight_smile:

You better hurry…there are only 10 more left.