pic: District Map (2014)


Just an interesting look at how little area of the country is encompassed by the district system currently. It seems like they are such a huge part but in reality they really don’t encompass all that much (in terms of land area at least).

<fake angry>Your map is bad. It cut off the piece of land 2586 (Calumet, Michigan) sits on and implies they live in a lake!</fake angry>

Not a lot of area, but quite of a lot of (FRC) population and competitiveness.

I actually don’t know why it isn’t there, that’s interesting. I’ll have to look at other maps and see if this is a common omission.

You forgot Indiana :stuck_out_tongue:

With such a relatively small overall area districts encompass ~28%* of all FRC teams.

*percentage includes indiana

No, he didn’t. This map is for the 2014 season (see thread title). Indiana will move to districts starting in 2015.

FWIW, approximately 20% of all 2014 teams participated in districts.

Sorry, I just included the districts from 2014 since I wasn’t sure if all of the districts for 2015 are finalized yet. I have heard rumors about California as well, but are there any other confirmed districts for 2015 besides Indiana?

None that I know of

Just for a little size/distance relationship for MAR, feel free to check out this map.


Happens a fair bit. I suspect a lot of maps take the peninsula to be a (relatively) small island (the dredged canal means it has no land connection) and cut it out (along with Isle Royale, ~1/2 as big), while making sure to keep Long Island in New York (which is ~3 times bigger).

Cue bad maps of the Keweenaw (and UP in general):