pic: Division by Chicken Love

Taken directly after team 229 knocked off our friend and collaborative partner team 217 at the FLR Regional…we think John and Paul are still on speaking terms.

how come when paul hugs me it hurts? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh man, why didn’t I think of that? I so could have bear hugged him right there…

Sry for asking something else, but can anyone tell me who that team with the Canadian flag is, because like us they are using cable chain, and I would like to find out more about their application of it. Or is that Clarkson, with another bot behind them?

that looks to be team 229’s machine, “denominator”.

That is not a Canadian team. It is team 229’s robot. Karthik gave it to team 229 as a good luck piece (where’s mine Karthik?).

The cable chain was given to them by us (team 217) at the competition. You can pm me for details, but it is a GorTrac plastic cable carrier with the brand name of NylaTrac. Both teams put wires and tubing through the carrier.

At the 2004 Long Island Regional, Teams 1114 and 229 paired up to win the regional. During that event, Team 229 placed a Canadian flag on their robot, and was wildly successful. During the elimination rounds in Rochester, I thought it would be appropriate to try and rekindle some of this luck, especially since 229 was paired with another Canadian team in 772. Fortunately, Team 1547 had an extra flag that they were willing to donate to the cause.

Paul, I’ll be sure to get you a flag in Atlanta. Especially if we end up working together. Can anyone say “Thunder Simbot”? :slight_smile:

Is it me, or does it appear that Paul is enjoying this hug too much?


Andy B.

I’m with you. I think Paul is enjoying this hug a bit too much. I wonder if Jen’s seen this picture yet…