pic: Division OPR Comparison

A basic look at OPR distribution in divisions. Each is strong in a different way.

Related - the stats used here and a few extra interesting stats.

Stats here.

I really like the presentation of the data for comparison here. Thanks for putting it together.
I wonder how it would change using average OPR instead of max. Some teams have a pretty significant variation from regional to regional.

And wow… Curie seems to be STACKED at the top.

This is a great format, really shows a lot of cool relations. Seems like although Curie is stacked up top, it has a weaker middle tier than the other divisions.

We’re definitely one of those teams. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell if a team has a lucky showing (good schedule, etc.) or just got a lot better (I think our team did).

I’ll try and do the same analysis with average opr when I get home.

Both metrics definitely have their merits. Teams that improve significantly can get drug down by a regional that’s not representative of their abilities.

I think 7 out of the top 10 teams are in Curie.

More charts for you all

CCWM By Division

Top 10 CCWM

Top 25 CCWM

Top 10 OPR

Top 25 OPR

It really looks as if they’re attempting to end the Curie Curse! It is a shame Galileo is lacking a bit, but it’ll be fun!

On the contrary, look at the middle of the pack. Those teams are significantly stronger on Galieo. Remember that an alliance will only be as strong as its “weakest” link. Any alliance coming off of Galileo is going to be very well rounded.

In OPR only. I wouldn’t count out some of our middle tier teams.

Galileo, while having a lower starting OPR is much more of a well rounded division. Curie, is pretty stacked near the top, and drops off significantly. it would be very cool to watch if there was a alliance made up of those high OPR teams. That is very unlikely to happen though, and to some extent OPR does not mean much in this years game.