pic: Do these guys look like refs

No… But they do look like “2 wild and crazy guys”…


And if you don’t get this reference, go watch some Saturday Night Live tapes from about 1977.

And yes, that’s even before my time, but I still recognize some classic TV. :rolleyes:

< nostalgia >
Raul’s hat makes him look like he works at Wrigley’s on the assembly line for Fruit Stripe Gum. :smiley:

< /nostalgia >

These guys look like refs that are ready to moderate an off-the-wall game of FIRST robotics!

FIRST - Breaking stereotypes everywhere (even refs, apparently!)


Correct me if I’m wrong … but those hats look like on-site construction helmets that have been spray painted and customized. If that is the case then nice job on the paint. Do you think you might possibly make some more and sell them to collectors such as myself? :stuck_out_tongue:

And … maybe you could get FIRST to officially allow these hats as part of the FRC refs uniforms! :smiley:

Hmmm… Interesting idea - we’ll have to think about it.

Hey Raul… Do I see tie-dye!!! If so is it from 88 or from your team??? It look very alike our tie-dye from this year or even last year… :slight_smile: