pic: Do we get style points this season?

This is how we carry our IR booster assembly.

Pika Pika?:stuck_out_tongue:

Just remember, Pikachu cannot be used as a power source on your 2008 robot.

Of course you get style points for that.

This years theme was the PokeBots for our team and it was well received. We played the pokemon theme song every match and had all the pokemon stickers on our bot with Pikachu on the arm, it fell off the first few matches and crowd was sad. They cheered the theme song everytime though. It was really awesome the response we got the theme, so we are considering having it every year. I will try and post a picture of our bot if I can find one.

That is awsome it reminds me of elementary school. Pokemon was the biggest thing around then.

You do, in fact, get some style points. I wish I had that for school right now. It would be pretty awesome.

pokemanics unite!!

tom tom tom…your creativity never ceases to amaze

Is Ash Ketchum a mentor on your team? That guys gotta be 25 by now…

I was Ash, I am only 21 though. I lost my Ash hat about halfway through regionals only to find it at my house. I had bought it on ebay along with the Pokemon theme song, pretty sweet.

That is pretty awesome, I remember I used to do my homework in a couple minutes because Pokemon came on right after school.:yikes: