What our CAD team has been up too…
We left a few mechanisms out for you, we can’t show you everything…

Please enjoy. Feedback is strongly encouraged.


I presume those tubes are within your BUMPER PERIMETER.

I’m concerned about the offset in the frame, though. You’ve made the sides of the bot not on the BUMPER PERIMETER, so you have no legal method of attaching BUMPERS.

Just make sure you read the bumper rules very carefully before building the machine as pictured.

Great looking model!

We are currently in the process of working on our bumper mounts. We have your concern in mind, but we have a special way of mounting them. More details to come.

Thanks for your concern.

I wouldn’t be so quick to say that. It appears to be the kit frame, which has rails about 1" off the ground, meaning they can attach the bumpers there and have them supported across the entire length.

Unless those tubes at the top extend beyond the base.

But the side rails of the frame are not on the BUMPER PERIMETER. That makes it tough to comply with

L. The BUMPERS must be fixed to the BUMPER PERIMETER.

The frame is similar to the kit frame, however we will be making the pieces ourself for a custom fit.

I still don’t see why everyone is so concerned about our bumpers. I guess once we get the design done i will be posting another pic. :]

2 reasons.

1> We like the design and want to see it succeed.
2> You “strongly encouraged” feedback :smiley:

Good luck.

BTW, whats your ball capacity?

Ahh, missed the overhanging parts before. Yes the overhanging back rail needs to be cut off before you will be able to comply with the bumper rules

haha well I guess that’s true. And I that k you all for your input. we were just curious about what part of the bumper rule that u thought we were going to break. also those pipes are at the maximum 5 feet.

and the ball capacity is about 8 (with our CAD calculations that is…). More specs about how long it takes for a ball to enter than exit.


In lieu of an orthgraphic to determine what is inside and what is outside of the bumper perimeter, I will assume that the bumper perimeter is formed by the four outer corners of the frame (the low part that the axles mount to) and that the entire robot fits within a vertical projection of this perimeter.

The rule violation as I see it from this drawing is a relatively minor one. The c-channel at the front and back extends beyond the outside rail. This means that you would either need to run a structural member to support the bumpers from one overhanging end of c-channel to another… or simply cut off the parts of the C-channel that go beyond the corner.

My guess is that you are planning to do this in real life, but it just hasn’t shown up on the CAD drawings yet.

As far as other feedback goes, do you have a mechanism set up so that when you suck balls in that you don’t end up with spaces between them as they climb the tower? If you are lifting them with just one belt have you considered that they will slow as they round the corner at the top end?


Thanks for that clarification. We will look into this. The funny thing is that we are doing our custom C-Channel, but yet we kept the same problem we had with the KOP base. I will talk with the person that was in charge of the C-Channel.

As far as the mechanism for the tower, yes it does allow to carry multiple balls up.

Dude it looks killer. I see it being rather productive

only thing i dont like is the electronics setup location ( im a neat freak)

But i like it


the electronics are kind of tempary on there. we are also going to have a layer of lexan over the electronics to protect them of course.


Ok much more happier :smiley: then i see no potential issues, looks really top notch
I have to get technical though (Lexan is a brand of poly-carbonate, poly-carbonate is the material) sorry just a thing i like to inform people on.

good luck the rest of build season

Cool bot, Pro.E right. Hope to see you guys at LA and UC DAVIS.We might even party up this year, who knows?

Thanks. and yeah Pro/E.

cool robot, we also hope to see you in davis and long beach:cool:

one thing i noticed is your electronics are out in the open could be a problem