I noted earlier that they would be enclosed by lexan. no worries. :wink:

I love it :smiley:

Heres a dumb question… will you have anything preventing the balls from going over the edge at the top until you want them to? like would you be able to collect your max capacity of 8 or so balls without dropping the top ones, then dump them all into a trailer? If you’re able to do that, it may prove to be a very good strategy! good luck!

yes we do. (:

we have a gathering mechanism, lift mechanism, and feeding mechanism that arnt pictured. :wink:

hopefully by the end of the week we will be able to show that to you guys. :smiley:

How will you hold balls until your next to a trailer?

we have a mechanism that isn’t pictured there.

wow thats really BEASTY!!!

So the balls are pulled out by gravity? Conveyer to get it up there?

In this design, having any kind of launcher at the end of the bot is redundant since the pipes direct it at such a low angle.

Only problem is distance. Even at a height of 5 feet, you may be able to get a ball at max 3 - 5 feet. There is also the penalty of getting hooked onto your opponets trailer. I dont know if that was part of your stratgey but you defintately need to cut the pipes back in order to ensure that you will not get a penalty by accidentally hooking onto a trailer.

I made spelling mistakes, I know

it also said that some of the stuff isnt listed :slight_smile:

good luck with that design guys

Dude im an inventor guru and even this makes me jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:

So let me get this straight: Each of those tubes will spew ignited propane at the opponent, melting them to regolith so you can score on them?

What? That’s not what “Ring of Fire” means?:o


Actually, I like the design, and the CAD skills are excellent. I wonder if the wheelbase is too short, in that it might affect stability in a collision by causing the robot to tip over forwards or backwards. That can be managed in other ways, but it gets tricky. Also, using the bumpers as part of the frame’s structure is a good idea, especially if you use high-grade material (not regular sheathing grade). Our chassis has a roughly similar shape, and we had some problems with flexing (try lifting a front corent); be prepared to address this as well.

Very nice!

Are you making sure the cRIO case is electrically insulated from the chassis? It looks like you might be mounting it on metal.

That said, this is some beautiful CAD work and an interesting design. I hope it works well for you.

Are you planning on doing traction control with that wheel in the back?

We have a mechanism at the top helping the balls out.

The back wheel is raised up off the floor about 0.2" keeping our robot from tipping backwards.

Is that a compressor I see in the back right corner?

yes it is… but we have since gone away with pneumatics.

Yeah, I can see that. I’m also assuming that the device to help pull the balls out also pulls the balls up to the top of the robot. But that still means that you don’t have that much range. So I’m guessing that your plan is to “corner” an opponet’s trailer and dump as many balls as possible into the trailer. That means that whatever encourages the balls to leave ur bot must have the ability to get a lot of them out in a very short period of time. Which also means that whatever system that you are using to get the balls up to the top of the bot must be able to get them up at a very quick pace (cim with 4:1?).

But thats just guesses.

There are 3 mechanisms:
1 sucking the balls in
1 pulling the balls up
1 pushing the balls out