pic: Dodgeball gone wrong.

The bear did take a fall.

aw poor mike. so abused. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I thought it would take more than 3 poofballs to take this monster down. :wink: Oh Mike, always being beaten up on…no wonder why he bearhugs…we have led him to this life… :rolleyes:

Don’t you people know that doing stuff like this will get him angrier?!

I don’t want to know what an angry Pooh bear would do–he might start bearhugging whole drive teams!

awwww…good times…good times…lol

I just noticed where the motion blurred ball was heading. That’s cold. I mean it’s just not right.

If you could dodge a wrench, you could dodge a poof ball! :stuck_out_tongue:

Better start throwing wrenches at him… :rolleyes: