pic: Does this look like Dean?

I was just doodling in Photoshop, and this is what resulted… I may make more…

Could you tell who this is if I hadn’t said it?

He’s not wearing denim.

dean doesn’t wear flannel.
dean wears denim and boots.

I’ve never seen a facial expression like that on Dean either.

Too much hair. Needs denim.

He was supposed to be wearing denim… blue jeans to be exact. Is there any way I can make it look more like denim to you guys?

Make the shirt blue. He wears denim shirts, not just pants.

Look at this pic Make the body a little more like that and change the face a bit

or this one… http://photos-338.ak.facebook.com/ip002/v63/139/42/509266815/n509266815_27338_6280.jpg


You can tell FIRST isn’t Dave’s day job - would you post a picture like that? :eek:

lol, funny.


Ok, Hows this?


Looking better. the brown belt and shirt tucked in is also important

give him a chin

oh god i recommend trying woodie next.

The second one works a LOT better. One trick if you’re trying to draw Dean…denim, denim, and more denim.

You mean like this…


hmm…Now that we have most of Dean, A good Woodie now all that’s missing is Dave…

OK, I realize that I am setting myself up here, but Amanda already did one…

and so in response, we have also added in Miss Morrison:

and JVN
and Tony Norman

Well, Cod - not quite sure what happened here but I think your thread got hijacked…

but then again…I really don’t know.