pic: Donated Parker Valve

The local Parker sales representative donated this 1" npt thread inline valve which is a 2-way NC valve. It operates on 12 VDC.

Very nice… for a t-shirt launcher? :wink:

Do you have a model number? I’m looking for a similar type of valve myself.

Appears that you have heeded the warnings about using PVC for High pressure air. That type of hose from my experience splits but does not deflagrate. Looks good. Is that a pilot opening valve? Does it open fast enough?


It opens instantanously and released the full force of the stored air:D

That is very cool, and very smart. Way to go.

I would assume it closes when you stop feeding it current, or vice-versa.

correct but it completely empties the storage pipes. I’ve seen some designs with a second valve that charges a chamber from the storage so that one doesn’t dump the entire system with each shot.

what kind of pressure are you guys running it at?