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Funny Picture…

This is in the semi finals at Great Lakes regional. It was the first time that our two alliance partners were rushed to get up our ramps…as you can see they got a little “tipsy.” After this mishap they learned from their mistake, and ramped other times including in the finals match 3 to win the regional. I would recommend taking your time when going up ramps so this doesn’t happen to you. But anyways congrats to 503, 573, and 1015 for a GLR regional win!

It looks like the blue alliance did not try to harvest any of the tubes from your home zone, nor try to scatter them - was this common or not?

I saw this a few times, though not as extensively as I expected.

This was a scary moment. The other side had put on quite the pressure offensively, so both 1015 and 573 did not have ample time to get back and line up just right. Regardless, what a great match :slight_smile:

I remember seeing this when it happened. It looked like it happened in slow motion, they both charged up the ramp and both fell almost simultaniously. I said “WOW, that was crazy” because for something like that to happen is strange.

Ahaha, wow:ahh:

Something I noticed this weekend is that 15 seconds often isn’t enough for the average driver to climb up a narrow ramp. Most teams that tried to climb at the last second either fell off or only made it part-way up and got the 15. It seems that endzone defense was more effective than I thought… Did anyone else notice this? Or was it unique to the SoCal regional?

0-60 points: ~15 seconds

60-0 points: ~1 second.

oops. :eek:

I was looking at the picture and the comments and my brain froze and I cannot remember if we can push the opponents tubes out of our home zone or not. Could someone unfreeze my brain?:eek:

Team 48’s robot has sides on their ramps which allow robots to remain on ramp while going up. Once or twice during the playoffs, our alliance partners were able to make it up the ramp during the last 15 seconds of the match. This small feature on our ramp kept the robots on our ramp and not driving off.

Ahh… that was a great moment - seeing both our robots fall off at the same time. We all rushed to go fix our robots up after that.

Yes you may, as long as you are not trying to herd them to some specific location. In fact sometimes you must do so - if your robot is supported by the ringer, any robot supported by you will not count for bonus points.

That is what I needed to know. Thanks

What goes up must come down. Was it syncronized to music then it would be cool.:cool: I am sure alot of teams did not think to build practice ramps.

We knew from last year how to build a ramp climbing robot :stuck_out_tongue: I think that’s the only time we tipped over.

More cool to watch was our robot teetering on a ramp like 3 times and finally stabilizing… Low center of gravity FTW :cool:

reminds me of when we were playing 188 and 1717 in the quarter finals in LA and 188 fell of of 1717’s lift

Well, at GLR, it was illegal to defend against a robot that did not have a tube… :ahh: so ramp bots wernt defended against and the other bots wern’t on their way back to get on the ramps either…

Wow thats a tough ending. :yikes:

I actually got to see this take place. We were sitting about three rows down and maybe 6-7 seats over based on the angle. I only remember seeing one actually successful double lift in the finals

You must have missed Final matches 2 and 3. Although those lifts were at the other end of the field.

Yeah I was down on the field with Gary volunteering…almost all the lifts after this mishap were successful and it ultimately led the alliance to a win. In the finals 1 the pneumatics on board 503 failed not allowing any gripping or ramp deployment so they lost. But in the last two finals matchs one robot ramped in finals2 and both ramped in finals3. Finals 3 was about the only time I saw both alliance robots up during the whole tourny.