pic: Don't Let the Frame Rust...

Note to Self

Letting the frame of your robot rust is a really bad idea. Next year use aluminum (need to anyways) or get it painted sooner. Getting rid of all the rust took way too much time…

For future reference on rust removal: Evapo Rust is magical. It works, it is non-toxic, it doesn’t make dust/fumes, and it’s widely available.


On a side note, how much did that weigh?

I second that 100% though it’s kind of expensive considering I have about 20 gallons laying around at any one time.
20 gallons x $18 a gallon = quite a lot of concentrated potato juice (look up oxalic acid)
Just be careful not to put things with black oxide in it (it will remove it).
Dilluted ‘wood bleach’ also works but handle that stuff with care (unlike EvapoRust it is much more caustic).

Also you might consider sand blasting or using an ‘air eraser’ on it.

Planning on powder coating it?

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll keep it in mind in case we ever have this issue again.

It ended up weighing about 32 pounds, it was actually a little lighter than we were expecting. It was all made out of steel tubing and sheet metal, because it was easier to weld together and we had access to a bunch of it.

And yes we are planning on powdercoating it, we figure if we do that and add some LEDs our bot will look a lot prettier for demos :slight_smile:

It is indeed expensive, though there are ways of maximizing it’s utility. I have used it successfully by soaking a rag or towel with it and draping that over a part. At the end, just squeeze as much as you can back into a container. It helps to have the edges of the rag/towel submerged in fresh evaporust.

You can also use vinegar, or sodium carbonate and a power supply. Did a whole lathe that way.

Sand blaster makes quick work on things like that heh.

I have to agree a good bead blaster is all a iron clad robot needs.