pic: Don't Let the Mentors Play!!!!

4 AM ToughBoxes = $352
2010 KOP chassis = $240
8 CIM Motors = $224

Being a coach and still having this much fun = TOTALLY AWESOME

How did you guys have enough time to do that? Don’t you have a robot for this year to finish? I’m jealous…

runs numbers for a theoretical 8cim drive

Heh… Reminds me of the summer after 2004. Me and 2 other members of the team took our 2003 robot home to reassemble it after having cannibalized parts for the 2004 robot. Then we rode it up and down the street in our neighborhood.

Also, we have a robotic cart powered by IFI equipment (I posted a picture of me on it at GTR 2008 a while back).

How fast does it go?

Theoretically or Physically?

We made a robot like that. It was just a chasis with a wooden chair on top for someone to ride on. A little too dangerous for the mentors. Never got to do it.:frowning:

Looks sick Mark. I want to build some cool stuff. May want to put a guard near those chains. Would really hurt if you got your pant leggings caught in there.

Maybe I should get Richard to comment on this thread to tell how it feels to get something caught in chain.

Since the 4-DeWalt wonder of 2008, we’ve had a permanent guide on his hand as to the spacing of #25 chain…

I can’t believe nobody looked at the CIMs and transmissions and thought “Hey those are mounted backwards!” Am I the only one who looks at the robots from an inspector’s point of view?

Al-no you’re not.

There are also two IFI controllers and I think that battery is not to spec.:rolleyes:

My monitor is dim and my eyes are old. I can’t see the controllers or the battery. If it wasn’t for spell check you couldn’t even read what I am writing.

In fact, I think the IFI controllers are being used as transmission gussets. I can think of better ways to save weight…

That is a car battery, if using the regular batteries, they die, quick. Yes the CIMs are reverse mounted, I was too big and some students were too big to fit into it with them the other way, so we flipped them. Yes, those are OLD IFI controllers, with OLD sticks too. Does anyone remember PBASIC!!!???!!!??? Yes that is a pre-2003 controller! There are chain guards on it now, that was the first thing I put on before I took it out for initial testing with just to 4 CIM motors. I haven’t gotten it out with all 8 CIM motors yet, but it was peppy with just 4 on it. I believe the way it’s geared, it will theoretically go 106 mph and some change, but physically with 200+ pounds on it, no where near it. Not that it does take it some time to get off the line, but that was with 4 CIMs not 8!!! After the season when I have gotten it to run consistently I will put up a movie.


Me too - severe violation of FRAME PERIMETER. Not to mention those wires are entanglement hazards.

Yes, but this picture was before it was totally finished. They are all strapped down with wire ties, and neatly out of the way. There is also now a big back on it, with an old BFL! Safety is a goal on this device!

Yay BFL! Points to our forklift-robot-cart-thing, complete with our 2003 BFL

Is it against the rules to mount them backwards?

Ex. flipping the side the motors go on the gearbox

Hah that looks like our x-bot

it is just a basic chassis w/ motors and a chair bolted to it.

safe? no.

awesome? you betcha.

I was just joking. When you look at the picture is appers to be a kitbot chassis with the motors to the outside which in normal competition would make the robot base really wide. But upon closer examination, there is suddenly eight CIM motors which is also way too much. Everybody is getting crazy this close to ship. Have some fun!

Put some mecanum wheels on there then it’d be REALLY fun :ahh: