pic: Don't Walk, Do the Robot

4 members of 759 stand on the edge of the Blue Alliance area. The team motto on their backs is clearly visible to the people in the stands, including myself armed with the camera…

I really like it; THAT’s a collector’s item. :smiley:

(Smack thyself) :]

We had such a demand for the shirt that we ran out of them! They really did go down very well, apparently as well as last years Union Flag shirts. :smiley:

I have last year’s Union Jack T-Shirt in my collection!!!

Did you at least get one of our “Don’t Walk, Do the Robot” badges this year?

Will you guys be at the Championship? Because if you are I’m taking you up on getting a badge saying that…

yes, i love it… :smiley:

I got one of those from you guys,
wish i had the union flag one from last year, that was totally sweet :cool:

you guys were supposed to give me one after all the sciborgs shirts i gave Oli and the rest of your guys but you ran out before you could. Nice concept though and once again it was our pleasure to aimlessly run you guys around time square looking for closed stores again, its becoming tradition.

-Simon, the kid on 1155 who’s fault it was this year for not meeting up after comp properly and wasting time wandering around with you

Sadly, we won’t be at the Championship as;

  1. We don’t have the funds to get there and
  2. It falls in the middle of our exams.

Oh, and we do love our times with 1155; this year we didn’t spend 3 hours looking for a building that had been demolished, the fact Times Square actually exists means you’ve improved on last year :smiley: