pic: Donut Commercial


Our team is doing a fundraiser selling Krispy Kreme donuts. One of our animators is making a commercial for the daily school news, but he seems to have gotten a bit carried away. This is a frame from one of the rather “vivid” scenes (read sadistically happy. The commercial more or less centers around people(who will be composited in) dancing around on this trippy island with donuts raining around them.

an Island where Krispy Kremes rain down on you? That sounds like somthing out of Dave Lavery’s Dreams (keep in mind kids, this is a man that made a picture of me in a Pooh Bear outfit, his wallpaper cause it scared him)

That’s beautiful. Hahaha good job. Please post the whole video when you’re done!

Happy sigh…

Now I know where I want to retire. :slight_smile:


You know Dave, I do believe that you like donuts as much as I like ice cream…

And as to the picture, I was kind of wondering what a donut commercial had to do with robotics… lol


he posted that along with his pic

Yeah, I got that one when I saw it, but I was a little curious at first… lol

Robot Builders http://dynamikse.net/img/icones-web-v1/heart.png Krispy Kremes (shortened to RB<3KK). It’s that simple :smiley:

Quote Homer Simpson…

“Mmm… Donuts… drools

When Care Bears and Robotics collide…