pic: Double Hurdle at Cage Match

1018 and 1501 launch balls over the hurdle during a qualification match at the inaugural C.A.G.E. Match at Southport High School.

Whoa nice catch with the camera! :yikes:

I miss watching overdrive… it was so cool to watch… especially since this kind of cool moves/buzzer shots happened SO much in the game…

I guess we’d have to call this move a Double DevilTHRUST? :o


Aw man i forgot about this but it was cool another one of those moments that you miss when your driving:cool:

I like it! … i dont think i was driving though…
actually, i think it was one of the new students that we were training!

I know, all my teammates are always like “did you see that?? That was awesome!”,
and of course all I can say was, “I was driving, I don’t pay attention!”

very very nice picture moment