pic: Double Lift at LSR

Team 624 uses a forlift mechanism and lifts teams 1429 and 1863 17 inches in qualification matches at Lone Star Regionals

Why 17 inches? Isn’t that overkill. But man that looks sweet. How did they do?

unlike a platform, a forklift may have wheels hanging lower than the lift. 17 inches helps ensure that they have height for wheels and some sag in the forklift, but still get the points.

Cool, 17 inches makes sense for a forklift bot. Good Work


these guys had the coolest lifter ever. everyone in the stands wanted to see it work, and this was the first time 2 bots had been lifted by them. a marvel of engineering.


A few facts about the robot:

–It had a ratchet on it to keep the forks up
–to release the ratchet we had a L-bracket that we stuck into the forks to release them
–The frame was anodized green but everthing else was spraypainted
–the yellow wheels were black when we started :smiley: (we had painted them black but the paint wore off withing minutes)
–We used a dewalt transmission
–The robot no longer operates on the frequency “624”. we changed it so that we could use all of our robots at the same time during practice.
–The robot had feet that shot out of one side when that sides forks lifted. this was so we could raise only one side if we wanted to.
–originally we wanted to be able to move with a robot lifted (so we could rescue disabled robots) but we ran out of time and weight to do so.

In my opinion this robot was our second best so far. It was only beaten by our tetra bot in 2005.

We all enjoyed building it, and it was fun to see it work.

If you wan’t to know anything else let me know.