pic: Double lift!!

This was awesome!! Cool lift bot!!

I didn’t manage to see that match but I heard that 1212 had a really cool ramp! It looks like it worked well, too!

I can’t tell - what makes it go up?

We were next to 1212 in the pit, and it looked like they have a window motor on each side ancting as a winch.

Really? Anyone see how long it takes?

It’s a winch system that drives a scissor lift. Each side is independently driven, so they don’t have to lift both at once. I think they diverted power from their drive motors to do it, but I’m not sure, that’s what it seemed like when we practiced lifting with them (the omni-wheel on the opposite side of the bot tended to spin in place while they lifted us on one side of them).

Definitely a cool lift, had a few jamming problems, but still pretty awesome to watch.

well the lifts were connected to a string which we used 2 motors (one on each side) to winch them up…it takes about 12 seconds but we can do both at the same time…

Wow. That looks much higher than 12".

How high does it go?

The lift can go about 14 inches high. This is to make sure any wheels that are hanging down are about the 12 inch mark