pic: Double Score

1538 and 1503 score on the same trailer, and fill it in one swell foop. Talk about teamwork!

When I saw you guys do this, I knew we didn’t have a chance. You guys were an amazing alliance, and we were honored to lose to you.

This is my favorite way for our robot to score. We’ll talk to our alliance partner, sandwich a trailer, and just unload. It’s so fun.

Nice picture. Background details include emcee extraordinaire Mark Leon and world-class FTA Mark Koors, watching the action with interest. And my team’s robot (931), towing the trailer that is unfortunately on the receiving end of the scoring dump. Great shot, great bots. :slight_smile:

1538’s robot has the same name as my dog ‘daisy may’ how cool is that

As the person responsible for the picture, thanks. :slight_smile:
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