pic: double tote auto?

Just a render I did when I was eating and figuring out strategy.

Might not be the worst way to get a tote set in autonomous.

Yes, assuming you don’t over shoot and leave the auto zone.

Isn’t there a rule against throwing game pieces?

Or worse, shoot it over the STEP.

No, you can throw game pieces, but just not over the step, with the exception of human players throwing litter on the other side. As long as the game piece doesn’t break, throwing is fine.

Can you cite that rule?

The rules that I’ve read say you can’t throw game pieces over the Step. I haven’t seen anything about throwing other than that.

Relevant rules I’ve seen:

G23: ROBOTS may not cause TOTES, RECYCLING CONTAINERS, and/or LITTER to completely leave the FIELD.
VIOLATION: FOUL for each item. If egregious, offending ROBOT will be DISABLED.

G24: ROBOTS may not cause TOTES, RECYCLING CONTAINERS, and/or LITTER to completely transfer from their side of the FIELD,
or from the STEP, onto the opposite side of the FIELD.
VIOLATION: FOUL. If egregious or strategic, RED CARD and offending ROBOT will be DISABLED.

And the most relevant part:

The following actions are prohibited with regards to interaction with FIELD elements (items A-D exclude TOTES, RECYCLING
A. grabbing
B. grasping
C. grappling
D. attaching to
E. becoming entangled
F. hanging
G. damaging (exception: unintentional damage to LITTER)
H. tying

VIOLATION: FOUL. If the Head REFEREE determines that further damage is likely to occur, offending ROBOT will be DISABLED.
Corrective action (such as eliminating sharp edges, removing the damaging MECHANISM, and/or re-Inspection) may be
required before the ROBOT will be allowed to compete in subsequent MATCHES

Note that only E,F,G,H apply to the TOTES.

So there isn’t a rule that explicitly PROHIBITS throwing around totes, UNLESS that will cause damage to it, which it might.

Does this risk breaking the totes? #swag

Does “hanging” refer to using a hook to a lift from the edge of the tote?

That section refers to robot interactions with field elements, and A-D excludes totes…I would conclude that using a hook to lift the tote from the edge would be considered either “grappling” or “attaching to” - thus permitted.