pic: Double Wrap Around at PARC

A picture of the double wrap around at PARC.

(Once again, taken while I was playing with the settings on my camera.)

Team numbers?


what teams were part of this double warp around … and is there video …
but a double wrap around :eek: wow:ahh:

I’m really impressed!!!

I’d love to hear more info!


i dont kno if there’s a pic but i know that pink did a full wrap on the top row by them selves at nats


why dont i remember this?
who was it?

Pactice match where all teams available scored blue ringers. I believe 25 whent cross color on this as they were the red alliance.

Yeah…something tells me that this wasn’t during a match…the closest PARC had to a wrap-around was in the elims when the #1 alliance was a mere 1/4" away from the 8th ringer. (I say that because the ringer was resting on the stinger, and if blown on correctly it would’ve landed on the leg)


I forgot all the teams involved in the wrap–

It was during one of the practice matches, 25 on the Red and 103 on the blue. The red alliance tried scoring blue tubes to see what score both alliances could put up. I believe the final score was 544 to 0.

Hmm…just out of question, but how many penalty points would that have incurred (for scoring an opponent’s tubes)?

Regardless, it’s still pretty awesome to see

We (1629) were standing in the queue waiting for our practice match right after that one, and we were all confused as to why there were only blue tubes being put up. It was pretty impressive, though, and fun to watch.