pic: Dozer at the School Board meeting

We took the updated Dozer to our school board meeting to talk about our program and get the district excited about our upcoming competitions.

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Can I rent this thing?? I love this robot more and more every time I see it! Great job on the build!

We might just do a white paper on the build. After this season most teams will have their cRIO taking up space and everyone will have spare side cars and PD boards. Dozer is 97ish% built from leftover parts from previous seasons. If we had paid for the steel we would have spent money on it, but the only thing we went out and bought specifically for this is the polycarbonate and some zip ties. Oh, and a relay module that isn’t FIRST legal. This was going to be our actual drivetrain for Rebound Rumble until we found out that the drive base alone weight 80 lbs. We have the non-marring wheelchair tires from that season and they work very well. We drove fairly aggressively in the gym for our demonstration and they didn’t leave a mark.

Bumpers? We don’t need no stinking bumpers!

He does have a rear bumper and the blade is mounted with a rubber mount that gives just a little. It might be enough to make you realize you got hit by it before it starts to hurt real bad…

I left off the irony icon. I think your dozier is great like it is. :slight_smile:

Can he say “uh oh”? If so, my life is complete.

No worries, I got it. I was more joking at the fact that we have “cushioned” mounts on the blade…

The bumper in the rear is so we can have sparring matches with our competition robot.

Not yet…

And those at the school board said, “so that what you use to plough the sidewalk, well done” :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

Thank You Wavelength for bring Dozer to the West Michigan District event this weekend. It was great to meet my favorite robot from the game animations in the pits and on the field.

For those not there, Dozer was invited onto the field after the seeding matches while we were preparing for alliance selection. He drove around the field and knocked some balls into the low goals.

Best of all, I even got to help polish him up for his field debut with my team 85 shop rag!

It was rather cool seeing them drive dozer out to their trailer yesterday. Thanks again for bringing him to the event.

1285 (1241’s little brother) had its game face on at Waterloo. It reminded me of the Dozer here.