pic: Dozer is team 1108's new robot cart

We needed a new robot cart to fit the taller robot, so we figured why not build dozer. Down at the Rock City regional, Dozer is pretty popular. Hope you like him!

Your should tie a string to him and then bring him with you on the field!

That turning scrub though

It looks like dozer’s front wheels are raised so I don’t imagine the turning scrub is that terrible!

No scrub, Drop-center wheels. The eyes were printed on our Ekocycle 3D printer and can be rotated.

@twins, there are motor mounts on him because he was made out of the top roller frame from last year’s practice 'bot. We built a robot that would follow someone wearing a reflector a couple of years back…that’s in the future plans for him.

This. Is. Awesome. Kinda sad that Dozer needs to carry around robots to pay for his bills now that he got fired from his “acting career”. :smiley:

We named our robot dozer. We are fabricating a bulldozer back so it shows some resemblance but we really named if dozer to show the whole underdog thing

Nice! So, he could potentially follow the team around instead of actually being pushed around during competition! That sounds like it was a great application of Vision. Did you Use FIRST-standard electronics/controllers?

@ grifbot…pretty funny. We pay him well; he makes the same wages I make.
@ twins…as I understand it we made the reflector following system from an earlier control system used in FRC before CRIO. I’ve seen them but I don’t know what they’re called. Probably some of the other electronic -types reading here can tell you about the earlier controllers.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but this is definitely moving.

I am also having flashbacks to McQueen’s pit crew in Cars.