pic: Dozer

We built a testing platform that ended up running a little bigger than a standard FRC robot, so we modeled it after a particular character from the game animations.

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This is the greatest thing ever. “How Would Dozer Do?” Is a reality! #DozerSwagLowGoalShots

New off-season idea, build all the robots from the game animations. Plunger testing is going to be a lot of fun.

Love this dozer.

Segway bot is going to be a real challenge. Especially adding in that 2013 jumping capability.

now THIS is a statement to FIRST class durability!

A toast to Dozer: May you live 100 seasons and inspire us in all of them.


This has got to be my favorite robot I’ve seen all year… Good job guys

This is amazing!

Now all it needs is a speaker on it to make little “ah oh” sounds when hit with a ball.

I second this idea.

I wonder if this robot could win an event just by being really good at assisting, seeding first, and picking well.

Really awesome job with all the detailing, I was convinced the first ten times or so I visited the home page that someone had just posted a screen grab of Dozer from the animation. Bring this to events, I’m sure you’d get a lot of great laughs!

This would be a great robot to have around to practice creating assists.
Or in every other year as a stand-in defense robot.

Dozer would be a #1 pick, if it could pass inspection. Silly rules about frame perimeter and bumpers …:rolleyes:

Dave Lavery needs to make a road trip to Michigan for a photo op.

Thanks for all the kind words, we were surprised nobody had ever built one before.

From my addition to the Dozer thread:

…For our promotional and testing projects we created what we call our “Universal Robotics Platform.”

The URP was taking form to be a large, fast, and off road capable machine that we could use for football games to cover the field quickly while carrying a large payload (think t-shirt cannon/s). As it took it’s final form, we naturally added a few blue panels and some eyes and got this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS-UB_r2Bqo

36" X 24" X 18"
195 lbs
Optima Red Top Battery
Four CIM Drive through CIMple Boxes
Geared for 32 ft/s to clear a football field in a hurry
Programmed speed defaults to 50% and requires driver input to reach full speed
10" Pneumatic wheelchair tires to handle offroad situations
Servo driven eyes
Almost FRC legal… and we still have to make his blade silver.

Love the eyes! You guys should add a mechanism to actuate the shovel.

We had plans for that, the whole thing will be upgraded when we have more time. He needs eyebrows badly, and a front right wheel that taps when he gets impatient.

So wonderful


Well Played!


Your team should start a kickstarter and sell mini dozers.

But mini Dozers would take the fun out of it. Part of the joy of this is that it weighs 200 lbs., can do a nice burnout, travels at speeds that are decent for outdoors (but terrifying indoors), and has a steel frame that we have witnessed destroying our 2x4 low goal without thinking twice about it. The blade is non-functional, but the name Dozer is very well suited.

Honestly, if anyone has leftover kitbot parts from 2011-12 they can build the same thing. The only things that didn’t come from the kit of parts was the frame, the non-marring wheels, the battery, some wiring, and a relay block we use for testing. The steel was donated, so I figure we have about $150-$175 into this project and everything else was recycled.

Although…a mini Dozer would probably be fun too…I just can’t handle another project right now.