pic: dragonfly config top, team 3553 concept

working to get the frame done for this by the end of this week. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1001974#post1001974

Ok, so how big is this? From the looks it is quite wide.:eek:

It looks to me that the top and bottom are manipulators or similar that will drop at the beginning of the match.

edit: I take that back since it looks like there is a break in the inner red things.

Nice, I like the way you think. Now if you can drive the wheels on the fold out and put most of your weight on them so they can’t turn you, you might beable to control the score zone. Or just put unmovable pads down insted of wheels.

I Just noticed the slot in you bumpers, can’t do that you will have to fill the gap.

Technically i don’t think they have to, this isn’t their actual robot frame, just an expansion of it (ie, you don’t need bumpers on an arm)

The “bumpers” that flip down would not be real BUMPERS as defined by the rules because they are not in the BUMPER ZONE. Right now the “bumpers” that flip down would be illegal in the starting configuration because they extend outside the frame perimeter. The concept is really cool, but this problem would need to be fixed for it to pass inspection (it would be really easy to just change the dimensions if you alter them before you start fabrication/assembly).

Just what we were saying in the thread that was in the description. The plan was to expand out to the maximum circle size and become a rolling barrier.

I think many of the suggestions made here were also made in that thread.

Technically there is no reason you need to even have bumpers on the extensions, except for you own protection. They are just manipulators that happen to be shaped like a frame, just as a gripper arm might come down in front of your bumpers.

This is a question not necessarily involving the picture. But are there any rules that specifically state that this right cylinder has to be vertical? Would it not be feasible to say that the robot fits in an (infinitely “tall”) cylinder, with the diameter moving vertically, extending into the ground, and above the robot? Basically, just tip the traditional cylinder on its side, and now you have the option for “unlimited” extension, given that you remain under the artificial ceiling imposed?

Yes, there is such a rule. <R11> defines the PLAYING CONFIGURATION as

84” (213.4cm) diameter vertical right cylindrical volume
for the horizontal dimensions.

The only thing I see that is blatantly illegal is the fact that the manipulator bumpers are outside the FRAME perimeter.

If you made the dragonfly wings so that the outside of the dragonfly bumpers were inside the frame perimeter, then I think this is a perfectly legal configuration that makes me very nervous…

I took a very very big gulp when the rule clarification called for 84 inches.

Imagine what it would be like if the “Dragonfly” could also “swat” thrown game pieces into their own safe zone while blocking the opposing alliance feeder lanes

They’ve been informed of this, and they’re modifying to fit that.

Folks, there is a thread referenced in the description.

I would suggest reading through that thread for the critiques and suggestions made there.

Depending upon how much you intend to move around during the match (and whether you retract your wings during movement) you are tar risk of herding more than one game piece, which will get you a penalty.

Woops. Looked like I’ve been unconsciously ignoring the word vertical. Thanks, Eric!

Hint: they don’t move with the wide side in front. It’s the long side, always the long side. See the wheels?

Yikes… have fun turning that thing…

Also, since the extensions are subject to normal bumper rules, you are free to have some bumper gaps in your extension wings-- using the saved weight for other things, and/or moving that weight further outboard.

Here is the update to this design http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1005775#post1005775